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The Afro-Asian Association for Intellectual Property


(Version 01.01.2017)

1. Name and Office

I. The name of the Association shall be “The Afro-Asian Association for Intellectual Property”, abbreviated “AAAIP”, domain name “”.

II. The Association shall be established as a legal person under the form of a registered association in any suitable country. As of now, it has been registered in Italy under no. ….. and in Nigeria under no ….. .

2. Scope of the Association

I. The Association shall be a non-profit organization.

II. It shall have the scope of providing a sound scientific education in the field of IP, improving the day-to-day application of IP laws and practice, and taking care of international professional relationships.

III. Its particular interest shall be focused on the IP law, IP case law and PTO practices of all African and Asian states (“the Member States”), their relationships with each other, and their relation with members from the other continents.

IV. The following activities shall prevalently be carried out:

1. Providing a platform for the professional networking of its Members.

2. Informing and advising on IP laws, IP case law and PTO practices of the Member States, as well as on international IP themes, in committees, meetings, newsletters, scientific publications, and websites.

3. Advising on the standards, expertise and code of conduct of professional representatives in IP matters of the Member States.

4. Co-operating with Authorities, Governments and Courts of the Member States in IP matters.

5. Co-operating with sister organizations world-wide.

6. Educating the public on IP; assisting universities and students in IP matters.

7. Organizing events, conferences and meetings.

3. Membership

I. Any natural or legal person, corporation, organization, law firm, private or public body may become a Member.

II. The Association shall have Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.

1. Both Member types shall be entitled to become Board Members and Committee Members; both shall have one vote.

2. Honorary Members shall be appointed on invitation by the Board. They shall be freed from the membership and the conference fees.

III. Membership ends in case of:

1. Leaving.

2. Expulsion.

3. Non payment despite admonition.

4. Annual Fees

Every Member shall pay an annual fee of (currently) US$ 150 per calendar year.

5. Board of Directors

I. The Board shall manage all the business and affairs of the Association, unless otherwise indicated.

II. It shall consist of 12 Council Members, plus the four Council Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), plus the Committee Chairs, and plus the Regional / National Chapter Chairs.

III. The quorum shall be 12 Members. In case of equal votes, the President’s vote decides. Members holding double functions are counted as one vote.

IV. The Founding Members shall nominate all Board Members and Committee Officers for three years until the end of the calendar year.

Thereafter, the Board Officers shall be (re-)elected for three years by the Board by simple majority.

The other Board Members shall be (re-)elected for three years by the General Assembly by simple majority.

Committee Officers shall be (re-)elected for three years by the Committees by simple majority.

6. Regional / National Chapters

I. Regional or national Chapters may be established in accordance with the Members’ requirements.

II. The Chapters shall focus on their regional tasks while respecting the overall perspective of the AAAIP.

Each Chapter shall have a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

Each Member may join one or more Chapters.

The Board President and Vice-President shall be ex-officio Members.

7. Committees

I. They Association shall form Committees, such as:

1. Advertising & Unfair Competition.

2. Anti-Counterfeiting.

3. Copyright.

4. Geographical Indications & Traditional Knowledge.

5. Internet, Domain Names & IT.

6. Litigation & Arbitration.

7. Patents & Utility Models.

8. Professional Affairs, Publications & Events.

9. Trademarks & Designs.

Committee Officers are the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Secretary.

Each Member may join one or more Committees.

The Board President and Vice-President shall be ex-officio Members of each Committee.

II. The Regional / National Chapters may form Subcommittees accordingly.

8. General Assembly

There shall be at least one annual meeting. It shall decide, by simple majority, on:

1. The annual report.

2. The annual accounting.

3. The discharge of the Board.

4. The election of Board Members.

5. The liquidation of the Association (which requests a ¾ majority); the remaining properties shall then be consigned to a charitable organization active in one of the Member States.

6. Any other issue referred to it by the Board.